Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts

Specialty Holidays

 Check here for Items available as the different Holidays approach. Enjoy the Occasion with a Variety of ...

Selection of Angels from Beautiful Glass Creations, Birthstone Style, Sculptured and more...
Animal Kingdom From the patriotic Eagle to Dolphins to Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my... to Dog, and Cats, your ... Bird Houses

 Theme styled houses for the Birds and Butterflies. Give them a special place to come to.

Candles & Holders

Selection of Candles and Holders of all styles to choose from. Light up your place.

Clocks & Watches
Tick, Tock, we have many kinds of Clocks... and watches too. So give the "Gift of ...

 The Gift Connection Specialty Collectibles

Frosted & Spun Glass Creations

Glass Creations from Sculptures to Frosted, Spun Crystal and many more

Garden Décor

 From Statues to Waterfalls, to Ceramic Design.

Household Tools, Accessories & more...

 We have your Kitchen Helpers, Specialty Knives & Swords to Tool Time with Batteries, Flashlights and more...

Incense, Burners & more...

 The smelling sense of Incense and Burners to place them in. Wide range from Lavender, Musk, Rose, Jasmine, ...

International Selection

 Travel the World through The Gift Connection International Selections


Fine Jewelry selection of Gold, Silver, Pearls, and Gemstones to Two-tone and Victorian Style with accessories to place ...

Musical Selection

Unique Musicals from "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" to "Love Me Tender" and "You Light Up My Life" ...

Mystical, Magical & Medieval

 From Dragons to the Wizard to Gargoyles and Unicorns Castles.

Patchwork Décor

 Variety of Designer Fabric deftly stretched over ceramic and coated with 12 layers of hand-polished lacquer.

Picture Frames & Accessories

 Whether you're looking for Porcelain, Metal work, Wood, Alabastrite or Ceramic with Patchwork Design. we can make it ...

Religious / Spiritual Selections

Devine Inspirations from "The Serenity Prayer" to your "Footprints In The Sand" with the Good Shepard and Guardian ...


Selections from the Stylish Statuary to the Contemporary Sculptures.

Toys, Travel & More...

Toys for Tots, Travel with flare, choices of many so check out the plenty.


 Magnificent Vases of elegant creations with Designs to suit your choice.

Wall Décor & Mirrors

 Hang those mirrors or trellises of choice but don't stop there, you can change the architectural element too.


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The Gift Connection

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